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M4215 New Dual Channel Smart Load Cell Indicator

May 9, 2008


The Model 4215 Dual-Channel Smart Load Cell Indicator, Catalog No. 304217, measures and controls strain gage transducer based systems. The Model 4215 features TEDS-Tag, Auto Load Cell ID.

M4215 captures the load peak and valley, and displays in pounds, kilograms, Newtons, PSI, MegaPascals, kilo-pounds, kilo-Newtons, metric tons, or mV/V.  M4215 features two independent lines of 20-character fully bipolar +/-999,999 display for simultaneous viewing of both channels. Adjustment and calibration are achieved with user-friendly front-panel menus.

The M4215 measures position and velocity with optional encoder input. Display is in English units, metric units, or in percent of a user-defined base length. With four contact closure Limit switches, the user can select which signal drives the limit (load, peak, valley, position, or velocity), normally open/normally closed, set point, and manual reset (latched) or automatic reset (not latched).   For details, click here: http://www.electrostandards.com/ProductDetail/?productid=111

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