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Expanded Offering of QuickConnect Cassettes Simplifies Fiber Network Installation

March 16, 2010

MTP / MPO Fiber Optic Cassettes, MTP Military Style Connectors, QuickConnect Cassetes


Electro Standards Laboratories (ESL), Cranston, RI, announces its expanded line of high-density, pre-terminated QuickConnect Cassettes. These cassettes breakout 12-Fiber MTP/MPO male inputs to either 12 or 24 LC or SC outputs.


The QuickConnect cassettes cabling side (rear) contains an MTP® interface for connecting the trunk or backbone cabling. An internal optical assembly within the cassette interconnects the rear and front ports. A speedy connection is established when the patch cords from the equipment are plugged into the front-panel connectors.


QuickConnect cassettes breakout the 12-fiber cable inputs into standard discrete connectors. Cassette applications include breaking one 12-Fiber MPO input to 12 SC outputs and breaking out two 12-Fiber MPO inputs to 24 LC outputs. Also offered is a Military style cassette that features one MTP military style connector with an 8-strand single mode angle polish. These cassettes are configured for either 50/125 or 62.5/125 micron size fiber cables. The cassettes can be wired either straight or cross-paired. Electro Standards offers cassettes for classification OM3, 10 Gigabits.


For further information on Electro Standards’ fiber capabilities, call 401-943-1164, eslab@ElectroStandards.com, or www.ElectroStandards.com.


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