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Electro Standards Offers Favorable GSA Pricing & Delivery Terms for Copper and Fiber Optic Network Switches

June 22, 2016


GSA Schedule @GS-35F-0286V Copper and Fiber Optic Network Switches 2% 20 Day prompt payment terms and 10% discount off list prices

Electro Standards offers over 200 network products with favorable GSA pricing and delivery terms on GSA Schedule GS-35F-0286V.  These state-of-the-art copper and fiber optic network switches are offered with a 10% discount from list prices, 2% 20 Day prompt payment terms and free UPS ground shipping in the continental U.S. City, state, and federal government agencies as well as schools, hospitals, and many others are eligible to purchase via GSA.  

These high-quality copper and fiber optic network switches are manufactured in the U.S. Expert technical assistance is available to assist customers in determining the correct switch for each particular application. 

The types of switches include:


  • Automatic sensing switches that automatically switch to the port with valid activity.
  • Automatic fallback switches with fallback based on loss of carrier (DCD).
  • Fiber optic switch/converters, both standard and ruggedized for vibration.
  • Copper and fiber optic multi-channel, multi-position switches.
  • High speed gigabit fiber optic switches.
  • Fiber optic switches designed with all-optic (MEMS) technology.
  • Code-operated switches.
  • Secure switches with off-line positions and password protection.
  • Switches with dual power supplies and dual remote ports for added reliability.
  • Manual, automatic, and remotely controllable network switches.

Orders may be placed via the Electro Standards e-commerce Website, http://www.electrostandards.com/.

Electro Standards Laboratories offers a wide array of network switches. Contact Electro Standards at www.electrostandards.com, eslab@electrostandards.com or 401-943-1164 for more information.


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