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Application Diagrams Display How VLT Networks or Similar Data Networks Function with Compact Media Converters

November 20, 2018




Application Diagram for Model 4137 and Model 4139 HP Fiber to RS232 Interface Converter



Application Diagram for Model 4127 and 4129 HP Fiber to RS485 Interface Converter


Electro Standards Laboratories, Cranston, RI, has generated detailed block diagrams of how the Models 4127/4129 HP Fiber to RS485 and Models 4137/4139 HP Fiber to RS232 Interface Converters function in Video Lottery Terminal (VLT) Networks or similar Data Networks (see Applications below).  These compact Media Converters provide full galvanic isolation (no metallic connection) between them, allowing for interference-free data transmission.

These Network Converters are used in conjunction with Versatile Link (VersaLink) cables to provide ready made solutions for rapid installations for any industrial or commercial application using Avago Technologies Versatile Link transceivers. RS-232 and RS-485 communication standards facilitate communication over long distances at fast data rates. The advantage of conversion to a fiber optic communication standard is that it also allows data transmission that is not susceptible to electrostatic or electromagnetic fields.  Additionally, the ports of the connected terminals are protected from damage by potential differences (ground variations) that often exist between them.

Applications include:

Ø      Industrial Data Links for factory automation and plant control.

Ø      IntraSystem links (board-to-board, rack to rack)

Ø      Telecommunications switching systems

Ø      Computer-to-peripheral data links (PC bus extension)

Ø      Proprietary LANs

Ø      Digitized video

Ø      Medical Instruments

Ø      High voltage isolation

Ø       Gaming Terminal Networks  

Electro Standards Laboratories also supplies all types, all lengths of VersaLink Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) patch cords for optimal network performance. 

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