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7-Channel CDIC/ISDN/OFFLINE RJ45 Switch Designed for Secure Communications Applications

January 30, 2014



Electro Standards Laboratories, Cranston, RI has added Model 5542 7-Channel 3-State CDIC/ISDN/OFFLINE Switch to their line-up of secure conference room switches.  The Model 5542 works in conjunction with Model 5543 Display Indicator Unit to provide a robust conference communications switching system. 

The Model 5542 is designed to support 7 channels of Online or Offline connection.  In the CDIC position, Channel 1 is Online with Channels 2 through 7 isolated.  Channel 1 is also certified for Cat5e compliance. In the ISDN position, Channels 2 through 7 are Online, with Channel 1 isolated. All 7 channels are isolated in the OFFLINE position.  A three-position keylock actuator on front panel is used to control the CDIC, OFFLINE or ISDN positions.  For added security, the key can only be removed from actuator in the OFFLINE position .


The Model 5542 can be linked to the Model 5543 Display Indicator Unit via a Status Port located on the rear of the unit.  This Status Port is a DB9 Custom Contact Closure Monitor and Power Input port that, when linked to a powered Model 5543 unit, will display the LED position status of switch.  The switch position of CDIC, ISDN or OFFLINE will also be displayed remotely on the Model 5543 color graphic display.


These 2 units combine to form an ideal system for secure conference room communication applications and similar communication applications requiring secure Off-Line isolation.  The units can also be customized to display any application requirement.  For further information and to view an application diagram of the switch system, visit: http://www.electrostandards.com/ProductDetail/?productid=2432




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