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Network Switches, Converters, Cables & More
Computer Network Products such as Ethernet, Fiber Optic Switches, Cable Assemblies and Interface Converters
Gang Controls Simultaneously Change Switch Position of Both Channels of Model 7369 AB Switch
The Model 7369 2-channel DB9 AB switch features RS232, Telnet and GUI control methods.
Model 9257 Dual Channel RS530 DB25 A/B Switch Features Independent Channel Switching
The Model 9257 RS530 DB25 A/B Switch accesses two DB25 interface devices connected to its A and B ports with one DB25 interface device connected to its COMMON port for each channel.
Unique E1 TX/RX BNC 4-Channel AB Switch with LED's to Display & Verify Position
The Model 8036 4-Channel E1 A/B Switch simultaneously switches all four channels via front-panel rotary switch.
Barrier Terminal Block Port Provides Remote Monitoring of Model 8449 A/B Switch
The Model 8449 is a multi-interface A/B switch with Barrier Terminal Block Port for Remote Monitoring and 2 channels of RJ45 connectors and 3 channels of BNC
Model 7372 RJ45 A/B Switch Supports Cat6 Networks w/Secure Off-Line position and Contact Closure Remote Control
The Model 7372 is an RJ45 Online/Off-Line Switch that is certified for Cat6 Compliance.
Model 9455SH 2-Channel A/B Cat5e Switch Features Shielded RJ45 Connectors
The Model 9455SH is a 2-Channel Cat5e A/B Switch that features shielded RJ45 connectors on all ports.
Electro Standards Laboratories Offers Telephone/Telecom Test Kit on GSA Schedule GS-35F-0286V
Electro Standards Laboratories, Cranston, RI, announces the Telephone/Telecom Test Kit containing 13 high quality cables is now available on GSA Schedule GS-35F-0286V.
Switch Between Two USB Devices without Disconnecting Cables with Model 4502!
ESL announces its Model 4502 USB Type-A, A/B switch w/remote control, which is perfect to connect a computer to multiple USB devices. 4502 allows switching between two USB devices without ...
Slim, Rugged 5-to-1 BNC Switch Offers Lockout Security
M7334 5-to-1 BNC Switch with Remote Control allows access of a workstation or device between five other devices or networks.
M8110 DB9 A/B Switch with Enhanced Temperature Range and Built-in Conversion to RS422/485
Model 8110 DB9 Interface A/B Data Switch designed to withstand the extreme temperature range of -17? Celsius to +75? Celsius (1.4? F to 167? F). This rugged switch has an all-aluminum enclosure to ...