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Lithium Ion Capacitors & Other Energy Systems

ULTIMO Lithium Ion Ultra Capacitors are now available for purchase through Electro Standards Laboratories. 

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  • Electro Standards Laboratories has expertise in integrating these Lithium Ion Capacitors into any application, including protection circuitry, controls, and cell balancing.

  • Our team of engineers can design and build your power electronic systems, converters, and cables.

  • ESL has expertise in Hybrid Energy Storage Systems (HESS) that can be designed to combine batteries and ultra-caps together for energy density and power density. 

Why Ultimo Lithium Ion Capacitors?
Improved Capability: Rapid and reliable energy discharge to power tactical equipment.
Extended Endurance: Longer life compared to batteries.
Economical: Long life and reliability reduce costs.
Improved Safety: Safe and reliable use between -30°C to 70°C; abuse tolerant. 

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