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  Automotive Applications
  Control System R&D - Electro Standards Laboratories offers turnkey R&D Contract Engineering Services in automotive electrification applications. The automotive industry has witnessed an increasing demand for electrification in cars over the past decade. Introduction of electronically driven systems such as power steering by wire, active suspension, air conditioning, etc., has opened a new era of research on alternatives for power systems in the more electric car. Novel architectures and reliable yet high performance components are being developed. As the quest for higher levels of power continues, development of reliable, fault tolerant, high efficiency, and quiet motor drive systems turns into a primary concern. Below is a summary of electrical loads as used in more electric cars. A description of some of the work in this area being conducted by ESL scientists follows.
  Summary of Electrical Loads Chart  
  Summary of Electrical Loads in More Electric Cars.  
Research and Development
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