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ESL Now Offering its:
Energy ActionSystem Model 3312
Lithium Ion Capacitor Development Shelf
 Energy ActionSystem Model 3312-9x12 Lithium Ion Capacitor Develoment Shelf
Custom Configurations Available to Meet Your Application Requirement!
Now Supplying ULTIMO Lithium Ion Capacitor Cells and Modules 
For more information on Prismatic Cells, Multi-Cell Modules or the LIC Selection Guide, scroll your mouse over one of the images below, then click using your mouse for more information.
ULTIMO Prismatic Cells and Modules from Electro Standards Laboratories  
 Prismatic Cells and Modules   LIC Selection Guide
 (Lithuim Ion Capacitors)
For a Selection Guide on which ULTIMO product is applicable to your application, CLICK HERE.


An ULTIMO cell is a lithium ion capacitor composed of activated charcoal, similar to that used in an electric double layer in the positive electrode and carbon material, similar to that used in a lithium ion battery, in the negative electrode.
An ULTIMO cell uses carbon material similar to that used in a lithium ion battery in its negative electrode; however, our unique design of pre-doping negative electrodes with lithium ions makes it possible to offer next-generation electricity storage devices that achieve compatibility between high power density and high energy density.
ULTIMO cells are available in either a lightweight, thin laminate type or a durable prismatic-can type, according to your needs.
For a complete listing of ULTIMO Lithium Ion Capacitor Cells, click the following link: LIC Supercapacitor Cells
ULTIMO Prismatic Cells  
In addition to the supply of “ULTIMO” lithium ion capacitors in discrete units, we offer them in the form of ULTIMO Modules combining multiple cells together.   
ULTIMO Modules are available with Prismatic types of the cells.
Our module line-up includes 4, 8, and 12 cell modules for prismatic cells.  Master controllers are used for balance when five or more modules are used together.
NOTE: Electro Standards Laboratories can assist in integrating Lithium Ion Capacitors into any application, including protection circuitry, controls, and cell balancing.
For a complete listing of ULTIMO Lithium Ion Capacitor Multi-Cell Modules, click the following link: LIC Supercapacitor Multi-Cell Modules
 ULTIMO Prismatic Cell Module  

Key Technology: Pre-doping the anode with lithium ions provides:

  • Higher Capacitance
  • Higher Voltage
  • Higher Energy Density

The Electrochemical Difference


High Cell Voltage


Why Lithium Ion Capacitors (LIC)?

  • IMPROVED CAPABILITY: Rapid and reliable energy discharge to power tactical equipment.
  • EXTENDED ENDURANCE: Longer life compared to batteries.
  • ECONOMICAL: Long life and reliability reduce cost
  • IMPROVED SAFETY: Safe and reliable use between -30°C to 70°C; abuse tolerant 

Satisfy both Power Density and Energy Density


An electricity storage device with a high energy density and a high power density at the same time, an ULTIMO cell can be charged and discharged at a large current.  In addition, an ULTIMO cell is provided with features of exhibiting an excellent repeated charge and discharge characteristic, less self-discharge, and wider working temperature ranges while ensuring a high degree of safety. ULTIMO cells are ideal for remote applications and/or pulsed power applications. Typical examples of applications making the most of these features are shown below.


Energy regeneration  - Effective use of energy -  •Construction machinery  •Forklift  •Gantry crane


Storage  - Small weight saving -  •AGV  •PV/LED lighting  •Medical appliance


Backup/Peak assist  - Long compensation time -  •Voltage sag compensator  •Large-sized manufacture equipment


Leveling  - Stabilization of electric power quality •Photovoltaics  •Wind power generation




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