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2011 Press Releases

Electro Standards is constantly adding new products to its product line.

Read about the latest innovations in copper and fiber optic network switches, fiber optic cable technology, MIL spec cables, ruggedized high-speed interface converters and more!

You will be amazed! 

Many products are listed on our GSA Schedule GS-35F-0286V

CellMite Digital Signal Conditioners, Smart Strain Gage Indicators  Hisgh Speed, Ruggedized Interface Converters, HP FIber Converters, Fiber Optic Switches, Copper Network Switches, RJ45, DB25, BNC, USB 

 RS-232 Interface cables utilize DB25 connectors,T1 Cables, PVC cable jacketing  


12/28/2011  Electro Standards Engineers Reliable Switches with Redundancy Features
12/27/2011  Model 6301 Fiber Optic Switch Makes International News
12/22/2011  Model 4428 Switches Any DB9 Interface Device Among 2 Others for Sharing or Backing Up Equipment or Networks
12/13/2011  Fiber Optic, Multimode A/B Switch Supports LC Duplex Networks with Gigabit Data Rates
12/13/2011  Model 7300 RS232/RS530 A/B Switch Automatically Switches to Backup via Data Activity or DCD Trigger Monitor
12/8/2011  CellMite Model 4349 DAQ and Sensor Monitoring Board Ideal for High Traffic Network Applications
12/7/2011  Model 5535 4-Position RJ45 Cat5e Switch has Keylock for Added Network Security!
12/5/2011  Electro Standards Adds Custom-Designed Network Switches to Its Core Capabilities
12/2/2011  Model 7286 Facilitates Quick & Easy Exchange of Connections from Two Computers to Either of Two Peripherals
12/1/2011  Model 700 EIA-RS232 Breakout Box Now Includes Set of Two Voltage Test Points
11/30/2011  Just Push a Button to Go from Straight Connection to Exchange Connection with Model 7295 DB25 Crossover Switch
11/30/2011  Control and Monitor the Model 7271 A/B/C/D Switch Remotely via ASCII Commands
11/29/2011  Model 7371 Supports 3 Positions of Network Switching with Certified Cat6A Compliance
11/17/2011  Secure Off-Line Position of the Model 7372 Cat 6 Switch Provides the Ultimate Firewall for Your Network
11/14/2011  Electro Standards Labs Intros Model 7355 CAT5e Password Protected A/B Switch with Additional Secure Offline Position
11/9/2011  Model 800 HSSI Breakout Box Connects Easily to Scopes, Probes, Data Analyzers and other Diagnostic Instruments
11/9/2011  Model 7269 Video Conferencing A/B Switch Plus Wide Range Power Supply Pair for Worldwide Apps
11/8/2011  All Fiber Optic LC Duplex 8-to-1 Switch Utilizes RS232 Serial Data for Remote Control
11/7/2011  Quick & Easy Access to Shared Backup Data Line or Channel with M8581 DB9 Matrix Switch
11/4/2011  Get Outstanding Cat6 RJ45 Interface Switching Capability in Only 1U Height with Model 7329!
11/3/2011  Model 6299 Fiber Optic AB Switch with Prism Technology Supports Gigabit Data Rates
11/1/2011  Communicate with Model 7289 Dual Channel DB37 A/B Switch via TELNET Session
10/28/2011  Remotely Monitor, Control, and Lockout Front Panel with Model 7810 8-Position Switch
10/19/2011  Create Expandable Switching System with Modular A/B Switches and Rack with Power/Control Module
10/17/2011  Model 7372 RJ45 A/B Switch Supports Cat6 Networks w/Secure Off-Line position and Contact Closure Remote Control
10/11/2011  Model 4001/4002 Board Only AB Switches Allow You to Design the Case, Pushbutton and LED Display
10/4/2011  Model 7385 DB9 A/B/C/D Switch Offers Exclusive Remote Control Operation
10/3/2011  Switch Model 7190 CAT5e Online/Offline Wall-Mount Switch to Offline Position and Block Out Network Intruders
9/26/2011  RoHS Compliant, High Speed, Ruggedized Ethernet-to-RS485/422/232 Interface Converter Series Added to ESL’s Line of Media Converters
9/23/2011  Model 4502 USB A/B Switch with Wide Range Power Supply is Ideal for Worldwide Apps
9/22/2011  Electro Standards Develops Remote GUI Software for Model 6254 Fiber Optic A/B Switch
9/22/2011  Very High Speed, Ruggedized Fiber-to-RS485/422/232 Interface Converter Now Available in 3 Configurations
9/16/2011  Load Cell System – Engineering a Low-Cost Plug & Play Solution
9/9/2011  CellMite Model 4325B-GUI Digital Signal Conditioner - Ideal for Distributed Process Measurements
9/8/2011  Model 4215-L LVDT Meter Plus dataView Software - A Comprehensive System for Control of LVDT Measurement Fixtures
9/7/2011  New Model 4215A-204-1 Dual Channel Smart Load Cell Indicator from Electro Standards Laboratories
8/30/2011  Model 6302 Dual Channel LC Duplex Switch is an Essential Tool for Centrally Operated Network Management Systems
8/29/2011  Model 4215 Smart Strain Gauge Indicator Offers Accuracy, Reliability and Repeatability
8/25/2011  Model 9449 Tri-Channel DB9 Switch Ideal for RS422 Applications
8/25/2011  Motorola®/Codex® Compatible Cables Available from Electro Standards
8/16/2011  CE Certified, RoHS Compliant, A/B Switch Provides Critical Network Switching for Fiber Optic Networks
8/2/2011  A/B Network Switch Design Guide Available from Electro Standards
7/8/2011  New Model 7190 CAT5e Online/Offline Switch is Designed to be Built into a Wall
7/6/2011  6-Channel RJ45 T1 Interface 2-Position Switch with RS232 Remote Control
7/6/2011  Custom Adapter Kits for 25-Pin D Connectors Save Time and Money
7/1/2011  VersaLink Plastic Optical Fiber Patch Cords Added to ESL Product Line
6/27/2011  Electro Standards Laboratories Developing Wave Energy Harvesting Buoys
6/22/2011  Model 9448 Manual RJ45 A/B Switch is CAT5e Compliant
6/21/2011  Individually Switch 6 Channels with Model 9258 RS530 DB25 A/B Switch
6/17/2011  Model 4215 Smart Strain Gauge Indicator is Ideal for Measuring Jet Engine Thrust
6/10/2011  Multiple Model 4331-200 LVDT AC Excitation Digital Signal Conditioners Create a Serial Network Configuration
6/8/2011  Control Model 4135 DB9 A/B Switch via TTL Signaling, Contact Closure or Remote Toggle Switch
6/8/2011  Model 9067 RJ45 10/100Base-T A/B Switch Modules Create Efficient Mix & Match Switching System
6/3/2011  Double the Reliability of Data Through-put with Model 7339 Backup Switch
6/2/2011  New Fiber Optic ST Duplex A/B Switch Features Dual Wavelength, Remote Serial Control & GUI
6/1/2011  Bantam Plug to Two Mini-Grab Test Hooks Cable is a Great Addition to Telco Test Kit
5/26/2011  Electro Standards Develops Ocean Wave Energy Harvesting Systems
5/18/2011  Model 7199 4-Channel BNC A/B Switch Designed for RS485 Multi-Drop Applications
5/12/2011  Model 7358 RJ45/48 T1 Interface A/B Switch with Telnet and GUI Remote Control
5/9/2011  Model 8039 A/B Switch for Data & Audio & Video
4/29/2011  Model 7435 IP Addressable 16-Channel RJ45 A/B Switch Senses Data
4/19/2011  Automatic Remote Control & Monitoring with Model 7259 DB25 Dual-Channel RS-530 DB25 A/B Switch
4/15/2011  Set Time for Switch Position Change or Front Panel Control Lockout with Model 7349 CAT5e RJ45 A/B/Offline Switch
4/14/2011  Select the Control Method for Model 7340 RJ45 CAT5e On-Line/Off-Line Switch
4/14/2011  New Model 7460 KVM Switch Supports USB-A and HD15 Connections
4/5/2011  Model 7339 CAT5e 10/100/1000BASE-T RJ45 A/B Auto Fallback Switch, 10/100 Base-T LAN Telnet Access & GUI
4/4/2011  Control Model 7294 16-Channel CAT5 A/B Switch via Ethernet and RS232 Remote Control
3/31/2011  Switch Mouse, Keyboard and USB Ports Simultaneously with Model 7284 A/B Switch
3/29/2011  ST Duplex Switch with Internal Conversion Circuitry Allows Seamless Fiber-to-Copper Network Connection
3/24/2011  6-Channel LC Duplex Switch Designed for Max Performance in OM3 Fiber Applications
3/23/2011  Cat5e Switch with Keylock Insures Secure Switching
3/17/2011  Model 7432 Normal/Loopback Switch Targets High Speed Serial Interface Networks
3/16/2011  Access & Monitor Signals With Model 800 HSSI Breakout Box
3/10/2011  New Model 8266 DB25 A/B Switch Features Hardware for Secure Grounding!
3/8/2011  Custom Wired DB37 Switch Supports All 25 Signals of a Popular High-Speed, In-Server Serial Expansion Card
3/4/2011  New Fiber Optic Switch Features A/B/C/D/Off-Line Positions & Contact Closure Remote Control
3/2/2011  Model 9455SH 2-Channel A/B Cat5e Switch Features Shielded RJ45 Connectors
2/28/2011  USB Type-A 3-Position Switch Now Available in a Sleek, Rackmount Configuration
2/28/2011  Share Network Peripherals with Model 7270 DB9 ABC Switch
2/25/2011  Model 7370 RJ45 A/B Switch is Certified for Cat6A Compliance!
2/15/2011  Dual Channel RS530 A/B Switch Features Cutoff Position To Stop All Data Throughput
2/11/2011  Model 8454 DB25 A/B/C/D Switch, Ideal for THX Audio Interface Applications
2/10/2011  Model 7237 8-Channel RJ45 A/B Switch Features Redundant Remote Control and Redundant Power Supplies
2/9/2011  Critical Network Alternate-Path Switching with Model 7223 DB15 A/B Switch
2/7/2011  Model 7212 A/B Switch Maintains Position & Continuity in the Event of a Power Failure
2/4/2011  Share Any DB9 Interface Devices with the Model 7201 ABCD Switch
2/3/2011  ASCII Commands Control the Model 7200 DB9 A/B Switch
1/24/2011  Remotely Controllable XLR Audio Switches Ideal for Switching Professional Audio Equipment
1/17/2011  Extend USB Communications Up To 500 Meters Via High Speed Fiber with Converter/Extender from ESL
1/4/2011  Model 6765 Logic-to-Fiber Interface Converter Translates Four Input/Output Logic Pairs Into Four Fiber Pairs
1/4/2011  QuickSwitch 6269 Fallback Fiber Optic A/B Switch Retains Last Switch Position In The Event of a Power Loss
1/4/2011  QuickSwitch 6297 A/OFFLINE/B Switch Features OM3 LC duplex, 50/125 micron Laser Enhanced Multimode Fiber Ports
1/4/2011  Add Switch Modules as Needed with Model 9030 Rack and Modules from Electro Standards
1/4/2011  Model 4337 CellMite Ideal for Strain Gage Extensometers Used to Test Steel and Other Industrial Materials
1/3/2011  Wide Range Power Module Makes Model 6298 LC Duplex A/B Switch Optimal For Domestic and International Applications

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