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2010 Press Releases

Electro Standards is constantly adding new products to its product line.

Read about the latest innovations in copper and fiber optic network switches, fiber optic cable technology, MIL spec cables, ruggedized high-speed interface converters and more!

You will be amazed! 

Many products are listed on our GSA Schedule GS-35F-0286V

CellMite Digital Signal Conditioners, Smart Strain Gage Indicators  Hisgh Speed, Ruggedized Interface Converters, HP FIber Converters, Fiber Optic Switches, Copper Network Switches, RJ45, DB25, BNC, USB 

 RS-232 Interface cables utilize DB25 connectors,T1 Cables, PVC cable jacketing  


12/30/2010  Designed with Mirror/Prism Technology, QuickSwitch 6293 Fiber Switch Supports OC12 Speeds of 622 Mbps
12/30/2010  Telephone Test Kit Designed With Input from Telco Network Installers and Linesmen
12/29/2010  Model 6287 Fiber Optic Switch Provides High Speed, Low Insertion Losses, and Remote Control
12/29/2010  RoHS Compliance is Just One Facet of this New 16-Channel ST Simplex Fiber Optic A/B/Offline Switch
12/9/2010  Save Space, Maximize Efficiency with the Model 9094 DB9 Rackmount ABC Network Switch
12/8/2010  Rack Up a Winner with this Slim, Rackmount, RJ45 CAT5e ABC Switch, Model 9081
12/8/2010  New DB9 Switch Provides Quick and Easy Sharing of 3 Devices with both Local & Remote Control
12/7/2010  Model 9447 Manual Switch is a Highly Reliable A/B Switch fo any DB9 Connector Interface
12/7/2010  Access This Rugged, High-Speed Model 4333 Analog and Digital Data Acquisition Unit via an Ethernet Network
12/7/2010  New ProD Model 4349 DAQ / Sensor Monitoring Board Designed for Ruggedized Applications, Now with Flow Control!
12/3/2010  Share up to 3 USB Devices from 1 Computer without Disconnecting Cables with Model 4506!
12/2/2010  International IT Mgrs: ESL's HP Fiber to RS232 Converters Now Include 2-Pin Euro Power Supplies
11/30/2010  Model 7278 Single Channel RJ45, CAT5e, ABCD Switch with Serial Remote Control
11/16/2010  ESL's High-Density, Pre-Terminated QuickConnect Cassettes Featured in World-Renowned NEI Brazil magazine
10/19/2010  Model 7208-CC DB15 A/B/C/D Switch Features Contact Closure Remote Port
10/18/2010  Model 8461 9-Channel Connect/Disconnect Switch Supports Rugged MIL Applications
9/21/2010  Model 700 EIA RS-232 Breakout Box Manual Details Test Procedures and Test Results
9/21/2010  New Double Gang RJ45 Cat5e Online/Offline Manual Switch is Securely Built Into Your Wall
9/20/2010  Reconfigure Up to 8 Network Connections with this Popular "User-Friendly" Switch!
9/16/2010  Model 8447 MIL-STD-1553B Concentric Twinaxial Connectors Featured in NEI Brazil magazine
9/16/2010  Model 9743 RJ45 24-Channel CAT5e Switch System Featured in World-Renowned NEI Brazil magazine
9/15/2010  Model 700 EIA RS-232 interface analyzer now features two voltage test points, (+)(-), enabling synthesizing missing control signals.
9/2/2010  Manual or Remote Switching Between Two USB Devices with the Model 4502 USB Type-A A/B Switch
8/25/2010  Unique DB25/X.21 BIS Interface A/B Switch Receives Worldwide Acclaim
8/25/2010  Electro Standards Laboratories Offers Telephone/Telecom Test Kit on GSA Schedule GS-35F-0286V
8/20/2010  Electro Standards, Manufacturer of Copper & Fiber Optic Network Switches, Focuses on Real People Servicing Real People
8/19/2010  Model 4121 Automatic Fallback A/B Switch Offered To Government Purchasers via GSA Schedule GS-35F-0286V
8/18/2010  Electro Standards Laboratories Offers Model 700 Breakout Box to Government via GSA Schedule GS-35F-0286V
8/10/2010  IP Addressable, Remote Power Reboot Switch Provides Total AC Power Control to 8 Devices via Web
8/4/2010  High Speed Ruggedized Model 4176 Converts USB Data from a PC to RS485/422/232 Networks
8/3/2010  New OM3 Compliant Fiber Switch is Ideal for Laser Enhanced Applications!
8/2/2010  RS232/RS530 A/B Auto Fallback Switch Approved for EMC & Safety Regulations Compliance
7/27/2010  High-Density, High-Performance MRJ21 Data Network Cables for Critical Networks
7/15/2010  Trio of High Speed Fiber to USB Interface Converters Featured in World-Renowned Website
6/23/2010  New Network Converter / Extender Pair Extend USB Connections via a High Speed Fiber Interface
6/8/2010  New DB9 Switch Configured to Support Tandberg Camera / Codec Video Conferencing Connections
5/13/2010  Robust, High Integrity DB25 A/B Switch with Lifetime Guarantee!
5/13/2010  Application Diagrams Display How VLT Networks or Similar Data Networks Function with Compact Media Converters
5/10/2010  16-Channel Cat5 Switch Features 2 Remote Control Ports for both RS232 & Ethernet Access
5/6/2010  Stack Up Rackmount Switches for Dynamic Backup Applications
5/4/2010  Electro Standards Adds New Copper & Fiber Optic Network Switches to GSA Schedule GS-35F-0286V
4/26/2010  Casino IT Managers: RS-485 Converters Designed to Support Casino / VLT Data Networks
4/23/2010  Gigabit ST Duplex Fiber Optic Switch with Custom Remote
4/22/2010  New Model 4215-L LVDT Smart Indicator from ESL
4/16/2010  International Network Managers: USB Type-A Remotely Controllable AB Switch with CE & UL Listed Wide Range Power Module is Ideal for You
4/8/2010  Remote Power Reboot Switch Cycles Power to 8 Devices via Internet
3/19/2010  MIL Spec 9-Channel DB15 Disconnect Switch Supports Rugged MIL Applications
3/16/2010  Expanded Offering of QuickConnect Cassettes Simplifies Fiber Network Installation
3/15/2010  How to Determine the Right Fiber Optic Network Backup Switch for Your Application
3/4/2010  Model 4193 - 8 Way Switch /Converter was Featured in World-Renowned Website
3/4/2010  M7292 Allows Users to Crossover / Switch Source Video and LCD Monitors with DVI-D Dual Link
3/4/2010  M9474 Cat5e Switch Features Secure Off-Line Position with Keylock and Recessed Ports for Added Security
3/1/2010  Bring Equipment into Your Network or Isolate Equipment from Your Network with the Model 6296 Fiber Optic Bypass Switch
2/17/2010  Modular Network Switch Systems: M9067 Ideal for Government Contractors & Others Requiring Reliable, Expandable Networks
2/10/2010  High Speed Ruggedized Fiber-to-USB Converters Provide Efficient Network Solutions for Government National Labs
2/10/2010  New IP Addressable Cat5e Switch Reduces Network Downtime with Dual Power Supplies
2/10/2010  3 Unique Switches, 2 Interfaces, Multi Positions in One Rackmount Configuration
1/21/2010  Simultaneously Switch Two DB9 Channels with M9093
1/20/2010  MIL-STD-1553B Concentric Twinaxial Connectors Now Featured on Cat5e A/B Switch
1/20/2010  Naval IT Mgrs: Securely Fasten this Cat5e RJ45 Switch with 6-32 Mounting Screw Holes
1/19/2010  Automatic Fallback Switch, You Select the Trigger Signal with M7387
1/19/2010  Increase Network Efficiency by Sharing Peripherals with Model 7244
1/15/2010  You Can Switch ANY RJ45 Interface with the Turn of a Knob!
1/13/2010  Provide a High Speed Multi-Point Communications Link with M4172 Converter!
1/13/2010  MTP Cables: Installing Fiber Networks Has Never Been Easier!

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