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2009 Press Releases

Electro Standards is constantly adding new products to its product line.

Read about the latest innovations in copper and fiber optic network switches, fiber optic cable technology, MIL spec cables, ruggedized high-speed interface converters and more!

You will be amazed! 

Many products are listed on our GSA Schedule GS-35F-0286V

CellMite Digital Signal Conditioners, Smart Strain Gage Indicators  Hisgh Speed, Ruggedized Interface Converters, HP FIber Converters, Fiber Optic Switches, Copper Network Switches, RJ45, DB25, BNC, USB 

 RS-232 Interface cables utilize DB25 connectors,T1 Cables, PVC cable jacketing  


12/11/2009  Follow Electro Standards Laboratories on Twitter at
11/25/2009  Control 16 Channels of Data Individually with M9716 Cat5e RJ45 A/B Switch
11/19/2009  Sharing Laboratory Test Equipment: Model 7203 Remotely Controllable BNC Switch
11/19/2009  Secure Disconnect Switches for Process Control Systems: New M9074 DIN Rail Mounted RJ45 Switch
11/12/2009  Network Switching Functions - Presented in Clear, Concise, Block Diagrams
11/9/2009  Code Operated DB25 Switches: M7288SS 4-Port Data Switch Utilizes Solid State Switches
11/9/2009  Users Can Switch between Voice or Data with a Simple Turn of a Knob with M9450 DB25 Switch
11/9/2009  DB25 Switch Allows Users to Switch between Voice or Data with a Simple Turn of a Knob
10/13/2009  ESL's New High Density RJ45 Switch System has 24 Independent Channels with Certified Cat5e
9/30/2009  Create a Robust Secure Conference Room Communication Switching System with Fiber Switch and Indicator
9/29/2009  Electro Standards Now has MTP/MPO 12-Fiber Cable Assemblies In Stock, Ready to Ship!
9/28/2009  Secure Off-Line, IP Addressable, 2-Channel Cat5e Switch with Remote Access & Convenient GUI
9/25/2009  New DB9 Switch Ideal for Switching Video Conferencing, Broadcast & Presentation Systems
9/9/2009  Electro Standards Adds 53 New Network Switches To GSA Schedule GS-35F-0286V
8/21/2009  Model 4143 RS232 DB25 Automatic Fallback A/B Switch
7/15/2009  Cat 5 RJ45 Switch, Reroutes Data between Three Networks with a Simple Turn of a Knob!
7/14/2009  Four-Channel High-Speed, Logic-to-Fiber Interface Converter
7/14/2009  M7200 Desktop DB-9 A/B Switch, with RS232 Serial Remote Control
7/7/2009  M9501 Quad Channel A/B Switch with Serial Remote, Allows Manual Switching at All Times, Including During Power Loss
7/7/2009  Dual Channel Fiber Optic ESCON Duplex Switch has Capability to Enable/Disable Connections
6/29/2009  Your Custom Fiber Optic Network Cables have never been Easier to Build!
6/18/2009  MEMS-Based Fiber Optic Mirror Switch with RS232 Remote Serial Control Supports Gigabyte Data Rate!
6/18/2009  Unique A/B Network Switch with N-Type Coaxial Connectors Mounted in a Duplex Configuration
6/12/2009  Switch Senses Data on Every Port on Every Channel, Every Millisecond!
6/12/2009  Model 7009 RJ45 A/B/Offline Switch Modules Offer a 100 Base-T, Cat 5e Compliant, Modular Expandable System!
6/9/2009  CellView Software from ESL Now With A Real-Time Graph Display of Signal Conditioner Data!
6/8/2009  M7747 Offers Secure Cut-Off Position & Remote Control in a Low Profile RS530 DB25 A/B Switch
6/5/2009  RS232 Serial Data Port Sharer with Convenient Automatic Channel Sequencing Allows 4 Data Channels to Access One Port!
6/2/2009  M4195 Fiber to RJ45 A/B Switch/Converter Provides Automatic Fiber Optic Link Backup!
5/28/2009  M7359 Offers Three Independently Controlled A/B Switches, Certified for Cat 5 Compliance, All in One Slim Package!
5/28/2009  M7288 Code Operated DB25 4-Position Network Switch in a Convenient Desktop Case
5/15/2009  M7954 2-Channel A/B Switch Utilizes Solid State High Speed Analog Switches for Improved Reliablity
5/15/2009  M7211 Supports Two Independent Channels of A/B Switch Function with Remote Contact Control Port
5/14/2009  Model 7268 Provides HD15 A/B Single Channel Switching with Remote Control in a Sleek, Low Profile Unit
5/8/2009  Thrust System Indicator – Ideal for Measuring Jet Engine Thrust
4/27/2009  M6190 Offers All Optical Switching with Dual Wavelength, Remote Control and Optional GUI!
4/23/2009  Custom Designed High-Performance Embedded Data Acquisition Boards for Strain Gage and Sensors
4/23/2009  Models 4183 and 4173 ST Duplex A/B 100 Base FX - 100 Base TX Switch / Converters
3/24/2009  M7423's Convenient "Board Only" Design Offers 4-Position Cat5 Switching with Remote Control
3/24/2009  M4193 8-Way Switch / Converter Minimizes Connector Wear with Its Simple Pushbutton Control
3/13/2009  Electro Standards Includes Specialty Fiber Cables and MIL Spec Cables in Its Expanding Custom Network Cable Line
3/13/2009  Model 7209 BNC A/B Switch Utilizes Serial RS422 ASCII Commands for Remote Control
3/9/2009  M9456 Simultaneously Switches Six PRI Channels to A or B Output Devices with No Power Required
3/9/2009  New Ruggedized Data Acquisition & Strain Gage Board Developed for Embedded Applications Requiring High Speed and Accuracy!
3/6/2009  CellView Lite Software Lightens Your Data Load with its Easy to Use GUI!
3/5/2009  CellMite® M4331-200 Provides System Integrators with an Affordable & Complete LVDT-to-PC Solution
3/4/2009  16-Channel ST Simplex Fiber Optic A/B/Off-Line Switch Employs Mirror Technology
3/3/2009  Electro Standards Laboratories Announces New Products Designed for Casino VLT Networks
2/26/2009  Electro Standards Laboratories Receives ITAR Registration
2/26/2009  Remotely Set Delay for Manual Position Changes with the DB25/X.21 BIS Interface A/B Switch
2/26/2009  ESL Offers a Comprehensive Secure Switching System For Video Conference Rooms
2/24/2009  Very High Speed Ruggedized Model 4152/4153 Interface Converter is Ideal for RS485 Multi-Point Applications!
2/10/2009  Built to Last with Compact, Rugged Aluminum Case, Model 800 HSSI (SCSI-2) Breakout Box has 50 Pins to Access Interface Signals!
2/5/2009  New Ethernet-to-RS485/422/232 Interface Converter Provides High Speed, Industrial Solution for Remote Control From Virtually Anywhere!
2/4/2009  Fiber Optic Cassette with Military Style Connectors Speeds Fiber Installation
2/3/2009  ESL Developing Renewable Energy Source for Free Floating Buoy with Naval Applications
1/22/2009  Model 7424 RJ45 A/B/C/D Switch with Serial Remote Control
1/22/2009  Simultaneous Switching, No Power Required with M9455 Dual Channel Cat5e A/B Switch
1/13/2009  Low Impedance, Compact, A/B/C/D Switch with Exclusive Remote Control
1/13/2009  IP Addressable, Online/Offline Fiber Optic Switch Offers Individual Switching for All Six Channels
1/13/2009  Low Profile, DB25 Crossover Switch with Contact Control Remote Port
1/12/2009  8-Channels of A/B Switching and Remote Access with the New IP Addressable M7465
1/8/2009  Punch Down Your Own Connections with the 110-Block, RJ45, 2-Channel Switch
1/8/2009  Switch Between Two USB Devices without Disconnecting Cables with Model 4502!
1/5/2009  Harsh Environments are No Obstacle for ESL's New Circular MIL Custom Cable Assemblies!

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