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2008 Press Releases

Electro Standards is constantly adding new products to its product line.

Read about the latest innovations in copper and fiber optic network switches, fiber optic cable technology, MIL spec cables, ruggedized high-speed interface converters and more!

You will be amazed! 

Many products are listed on our GSA Schedule GS-35F-0286V

CellMite Digital Signal Conditioners, Smart Strain Gage Indicators  Hisgh Speed, Ruggedized Interface Converters, HP FIber Converters, Fiber Optic Switches, Copper Network Switches, RJ45, DB25, BNC, USB 

 RS-232 Interface cables utilize DB25 connectors,T1 Cables, PVC cable jacketing  


12/24/2008  Naval Shipyards Take Notice: New Automatic Fallback Switch with Contact Closure Remote Includes Special Mounting for Onboard Ship Use!
12/11/2008  New M7339 Automatic Fallback Switch Offers both 10 BASE-T Remote Port and GUI!
12/11/2008  New Switch Offers Three A/B Switches with CAT5e Speed in One Slim Rackmount Unit
12/11/2008  Electro Standards Expands its High-Quality Manual Data Switch Line
11/14/2008  New HP Fiber Repeater Offers Interference-Free Data Transfer with Extended Range and RS232 Traffic Monitoring!
10/27/2008  Choose from 3 Remote Options for RJ45 Cat 5e On-Line/Off-Line Switching!
10/22/2008  HP Fiber to RS-232 & RS-485 Converters Designed for Casino Data Networks
10/10/2008  M9065 RJ45 A/B/Off-Line Switch Provides Security of Keylock Switching and Port-to-Port Isolation
10/9/2008  Electro Standards Labs Designs Specialty Fiber Optic Network Switch for High-Speed Internet Carrier
9/23/2008  Flexibility & Security Work Hand-in-Hand with this Tri-Channel RJ45 A/B/Off-Line Switch
9/23/2008  Slim, Rugged 5-to-1 BNC Switch Offers Lockout Security
9/18/2008  VersaLink Plastic Fiber Optic Cables Provide Ready-Made Solutions for Rapid Installations!
9/9/2008  ESL Adds Twenty-Two New Fiber Optic Switches to GSA
9/3/2008  New High Speed, Ruggedized Fiber-to-USB Interface Converter Offers Security and Optical Isolation
8/5/2008  Ocean Energy Extraction for Sensor Applications Being Researched by Electro Standards Laboratories
7/31/2008  Cutting Edge Mirror Technology in a Dual Wavelength, Single Mode, 4-Position Fiber Optic Switch
7/29/2008  Unique Mode-S Switch Offers Automatic Remote Control with 2 Independent Channels of A/B Switching!
7/29/2008  Local and Remote Contact Control in Compact, Low Profile RS530 A/B Switch
7/28/2008  Local & Remote Control With Sleek, Low-Profile DB25 A/B Switch
7/15/2008  M7344 RJ45 A/B Switch Offers Remote Password Protection with Cat5 Performance
7/15/2008  Get Exclusive Automatic Remote Control and Monitoring with M7259 2-Channel DB25 A/B Switch!
7/11/2008  M7278 Cat5e Compliant, 4-Position Switch with RS232 Remote Control
7/3/2008  QuickSwitch Model 4181 Fiber Optic Auto Fallback Switch With Remote Control
7/2/2008  High Speed, Four Channel Logic-to-Fiber Interface Converter
7/1/2008  10-Position ST Duplex Fiber Optic Switch Offers Both Telnet and GUI Remote Control
6/30/2008  Model 8408 PS/2 Keyboard, VGA Monitor & PS/2 Mouse A/B Switch
6/30/2008  Model 4504 DB25 A/B Switch Ruggedized to withstand Environmental Challenges
6/30/2008  M6270 Fiber Optic SC Duplex A/B Mirror Switch with Remote Serial Control
6/30/2008  Save panel space with three RJ45 CAT5e Switches, All housed in one sleek rackmount enclosure
6/30/2008  M4149/4148 Very Hi-Speed Ruggedized Fiber-to-RS485/422/232 Interface Converter
6/30/2008  HD15 & DB9 Crossover Switch with Remote
6/30/2008  CAT5 Compliant RJ45 6-1 Switch w/Remote
6/30/2008  M6257 4-Channel All-Optic A/B Fiber Switch
6/30/2008  M6287 All-Optic Fiber A/B Switch Multimode SC Duplex 62.5 Micron with Remote 10-BASE-T LAN Access
6/30/2008  M4199 Gigabit Fiber Optic ABCD Switch/Converter
6/27/2008  QuickSwitch Model 4192 Fiber Optic SC Duplex A/B/C/D/Off-Line Switch
6/27/2008  M7343 CAT5 RJ45 A/B Switch w/Remote Control Via Contact Closure
6/25/2008  Model 7348 Local & Remote Control! Sleek, Rackmount, 3-Channels, CAT5 A/B Switch
6/25/2008  Innovative 3-Channel RJ45 A/B Switch with BNC Access!
6/17/2008  Model 7277 DB9 A/B Switch, with Contact Control Remote Port
6/16/2008  ESL Provides Revolutionary, Technology-Investigated R&D from Theory to State-of-the-art Design!
6/11/2008  Communicate With Up to 254 Units on Single Communication BUS with the 4215-LVDT Smart Indicator!
6/10/2008  Calibration Quality Load Cell Indicators Now Available with Single or Dual Channels!
6/9/2008  Complex Fiber Optic Cable Requirements are No Problem for ESL!
6/9/2008  Timing, Security, Reliability, The M7349 Switch Has It All
6/9/2008  M9066 RoHS Compliant RJ45 10Base-T A/B Switch
6/9/2008  QuickSwitch M6282 Fiber Optic Mirror A/B Switch Multimode with Remote
6/5/2008  Over 4,000 Custom Cable Designs In-house, Add One More!
6/4/2008  M4520 DB15 A/B Switch w/Remote Control (Contact Closure)
6/4/2008  M6284 Fiber Optic ESCON A/B Mirror Switch w/Remote
6/4/2008  Model 7283 Double the Reliability! A/B Switch with Dual Serial Remote Ports & Dual Power Supply Ports
6/4/2008  M7282 Redundancy Insures Reliability with this DB25 Interface A/B Switch
6/4/2008  M4127 and M4129 Fiber 485 Converters Connect HP F.O. Linked Terminals to RS-485 Controller Port
6/4/2008  M4137 and M4139 Fiber 232 Converters Connect HP F.O. Linked Terminals to the RS-232 Controller Port
6/4/2008  Model 7241S DB25 A/B/C Switch with 10-Base-T Secure Setup, Remote Access
6/4/2008  Model 7242S DB25 A/B Switch with 10-Base-T Secure Setup, Remote Access
6/3/2008  Very Simple, Very Easy! Model 9062 Quad T1 Line to A/B Router Switch
6/3/2008  M8407 PS/2 Keyboard, VGA Monitor & PS/2 Mouse AB Switch
6/3/2008  M5014 DB-25 A/B/C Rackmount Switch with Contact Closure Remote for Local or Remote Switching
6/3/2008  QuickSwitch M4294 4-Way ALL OPTIC Simplex Fiber Switch
6/3/2008  Model 4410 Remote Control A/B Switch monitors for trigger character
6/3/2008  M4440 Remotely Controllable RS-232 4-Way Switch with Selectable Trigger Character
6/2/2008  A Rainbow of Colorful CAT 6 Patch Cables with Color-Matched Boots
6/2/2008  See, Select, Sort and Save Data with CellView Multi-Display Software for CellMite Digital Signal Conditioners
6/2/2008  CellMite Goes Wireless - Intelligent Digital Signal Conditioning - No Strings Attached!
6/2/2008  CellMite Model 4326 Digital Signal Conditioning and So Much More!
6/2/2008  Electro Standards Intros Smart Load Cell Indicator with Auto Load Cell ID
6/2/2008  QuickSwitch Model 4189 4-Way Fiber Optic Switch Converter
5/30/2008  ESL Expands its Cable Assembly Line with MTP/MPO Fiber Cable Assemblies
5/28/2008  Up to 40-Channels in this High-Density A/B Switch System, Cat5
5/28/2008  Up to 40-Channels in this High-Density A/B Switch System, CAT5e, Gigabit Networks
5/28/2008  M6293 Single Mode LC Duplex, Fiber Optic A/B/C Switch with Remote Access
5/28/2008  Model 7352 Dual A/B/OFF-LINE Switch with 10/100 BASE-T Remote
5/27/2008  Model 7239 16-Channel RJ45 A/B Switch with Remote Access
5/27/2008  M6292 IP Addressable, Single Mode LC Duplex, Fiber Optic A/B/C Switch
5/23/2008  Simple Point & Click Operation with the Model 7810 8-Position Network Switch
5/19/2008  M7237 8-Channel RJ45 A/B Switch with Redundant Remote Control and Power Supply
5/16/2008  This New Model 4123 Sensing Switch Makes Perfect Sense
5/16/2008  Fiber Management System: Fiber Cables, QuickConnect Cassettes, and Rack Mount Patch Enclosure
5/16/2008  Fiber Optic MTP/MPO Fan-Out Cable Assemblies
5/16/2008  Quick & Easy Connection with New DB9 Connector Kit
5/14/2008  Electro Standards, A Rhode Island Success Story
5/14/2008  Three Decades of Electro Standards Laboratories, From Data Cables to State-Of-The-Art Technology
5/14/2008  Electro Standards Signs Advertising Agreement with GlobalSpec Industrial Directory
5/14/2008  Electro Standards Signs Advertising Agreement with Zycon Industrial Directory
5/14/2008  Electro Standards Laboratories Joins the ATR Seaport-e Team
5/14/2008  M7356 6-Channel RJ45 Cat 5 A/B Switch with Local and Remote Individual Channel Control
5/9/2008  M7236 8-Channel RS232 A/B Switch with Remote Access
5/9/2008  Model 7232 RJ45 A/B Relay Switch with Remote Serial Control
5/9/2008  M7212 Remotely Controllable DB25 A/B Switch
5/9/2008  M7208 DB15 A/B/C/D Switch is Exclusively Controlled by the Remote Port
5/9/2008  M6290 MEMS-Based Fiber Optic Mirror Switch provides Gigabyte Switching and Secure Remote Access
5/9/2008  M6286 MEMS-Based Multimode Mirror Switch provides Gigabyte Network Switching
5/9/2008  M6285 Remote Control MEMS-Based Gigabyte Multimode Fiber Optic Mirror Switch/Converter
5/9/2008  Model 4875 Remotely Controllable Special Interface KVM A/B Switch
5/9/2008  M4855 16-Channel Area Remote Unit Switches up to 16 KVM Switches
5/9/2008  M4421 CAT5 A/B RJ45 Switch Offers Password Protection
5/9/2008  M4215 New Dual Channel Smart Load Cell Indicator
5/9/2008  M9448 Manual RJ45 AB Switch, Certified for Cat5E
5/8/2008  M7284 MultiPeripheral A/B Switch with Remote
5/8/2008  Sleek Single, M7266 or Dual Chanel, M7265 RS-232/RS-530 A/B Switches, Take your Pick!
5/5/2008  Model 6273 ST Duplex Fiber Optic Mirror A/B Switch with Remote
5/5/2008  M7207 DB-9 4-Position Switch with Exclusive Remote Control
5/2/2008  M8110 DB9 A/B Switch with Enhanced Temperature Range and Built-in Conversion to RS422/485
5/1/2008  M4337 CellMite with Auto Identifying Display
5/1/2008  M4338 CellMite LVDT AC Excitation Intelligent Digital Signal Conditioner
5/1/2008  M4404 Remote Power Reboot Switch with 10-BASE-T LAN/WAN Access
5/1/2008  M4406 RJ45 A/B Switch with Manual & Remote Control
4/30/2008  M4407 Control this RJ45 A/B Switch from Dual RS232 Serial Remote Ports!
4/29/2008  Model 7341 RJ45 A/B Switch with GUI to 10 Base-T LAN Remote, Cat 5e
4/23/2008  QuickSwitch Model 6261 8-Strand Single Mode Fiber Optic Mirror A/B Switch
4/22/2008  QuickSwitch Model 6275 ST Duplex 8-Position Switch with Offline Position and Remote Control
4/21/2008  Electro Standards Maximizes Growth through Creation of New Website Designed for International Sales
4/11/2008  Model 7345 RJ45 100-BASE-T A/B Switch with Remote, Cat 5
4/2/2008  New M6272 Fiber Optic ST Duplex A/B Switch Features Remote Serial Control & Gigabyte Speed
3/26/2008  Model 4149 Very High Speed Ruggedized Fiber-to-RS485/422/232 Interface Converter
3/20/2008  CellMite M4336 Intelligent Digital Signal Conditioner is Ideal for Geotechnical Apps
3/20/2008  Model 4215-L / LVDT Smart Indicator
3/18/2008  Model 4135 Single Channel DB9 A/B Switch with Remote Control Port
3/6/2008  Model 7340 RJ45 CAT5e On-Line/Off-Line Switch
3/6/2008  Model 7204 Remotely Controllable BNC Coaxial Interface 5-1 Switch
3/6/2008  M8008 Modem Security Bracket Kit Keeps Modem Where It Belongs - In the Hotel Room!
2/19/2008  Automotive Testing in Real-Time from Anywhere with Web-enabled Data Acquisition
2/19/2008  New M4145 Network DCD "Watch Dog" Switch Keeps Data Flowing
2/19/2008  M5150 Comprehensive Secure Switching System for Video Conference Rooms
2/19/2008  M4503 Ruggedized Miniature A/B Switch: "Shaken But Not Stirred!"
2/19/2008  No Fiber Optic Signal Loss with Model 5191 Remotely Controllable QuickSwitch
2/19/2008  M4336 CellMite Quad Intelligent Digital Signal Conditioner - Designed for Soil Testing
2/19/2008  CellMite M4336 Quad AC/DC Mixed LVDT and Force Measurement Intelligent Digital Signal Conditioner
2/19/2008  Model 4148 Self-Configuring Normal/Redundant Fallback Switch
2/19/2008  Make Easy Work of Hard-to-Hold Materials with the Pneumatic Flat Grip Tensile Tester Clamp
2/19/2008  New Family of Normal/Bypass Switches

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