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2007 Press Releases

Electro Standards is constantly adding new products to its product line.

Read about the latest innovations in copper and fiber optic network switches, fiber optic cable technology, MIL spec cables, ruggedized high-speed interface converters and more!

You will be amazed! 

Many products are listed on our GSA Schedule GS-35F-0286V

CellMite Digital Signal Conditioners, Smart Strain Gage Indicators  Hisgh Speed, Ruggedized Interface Converters, HP FIber Converters, Fiber Optic Switches, Copper Network Switches, RJ45, DB25, BNC, USB 

 RS-232 Interface cables utilize DB25 connectors,T1 Cables, PVC cable jacketing  


11/16/2007  Electro Standards Begins Work on Energy Harvesting via Buoy Floating on Ocean Surface.
11/16/2007  New Pneumatic Flat Grip Clamp for Tensile Tester Reduces Jaw Breaks!
11/16/2007  "Try Before Buy" Pneumatic Cord Clamp
11/16/2007  ESL Annnounces its New Family of Normal/Bypass Switches
11/16/2007  High Density Fiber MTP Commercial Conversion Kit for M28876 Military Fiber System Applications
11/16/2007  Attn: Hotel Managers, M8008 Modem Security Kit Keeps Modems Where They Belong - In the Hotel Room!
11/16/2007  Model 200 Cable Adapter Kit for Custom Pinnings on the Spot!
11/16/2007  M4325 New Low-Cost, Mini-Sized, Super-Smart Digital Signal Conditioner!
11/16/2007  New Fiber Optic MTP/MPO Fan Out Cable Assemblies
11/16/2007  M9061 A Neat Rackmount Arrangement for RJ45 10 BASE-T A/B Switching!
11/16/2007  New M9047 DB9 A/B Switch Module, Solidly Built!
11/16/2007  New M8982 Broadcast Sharing Unit with Cascade Port
11/16/2007  M8050 Manual, Reliable, RJ45 A/B Switch, Certified CAT5 Compliant
11/16/2007  M8039 The Perfect Sleep Center A/B Switch Switches Data & Audio
11/16/2007  M7432 HSSI Single Port Normal/Loopback Switch with RTS Remote
11/16/2007  New 7420 CAT5 RJ45 A/B Switch with Remote Control Port
11/15/2007  M4215 Materials Tester Upgrade System Featuring the Smart Indicator
11/15/2007  SeaPort-e Prime Contractors name Electro Standards as Subcontracting Team Member
11/15/2007  Electro Standards Receives Phase II SBIR Award to Develop Sensorless Linear Motor Control System
11/15/2007  ESL's New M4503 Ruggedized DB9 A/B Manual Switch Qualifies for Nuclear Power Plants
11/15/2007  QuickSwitch Model 4187 ST Duplex 100 Base FX A/B Switch with Remote Access
11/15/2007  QuickSwitch Model 4185 Fiber Optic Switch/Converter Provides Fiber Optic Link Backup
5/30/2007  New Model 4010 Bi-Directional RS232/RS485 Interface Converter
5/30/2007  Model 4121 Data Activity "Watch Dog" A/B Switch with Remote Management Port
5/17/2007  Interested in a Low Cost Method of Testing Data Interface? Consider the M700 Breakout box.

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